Drawing since I could hold a pencil, tried to professionalize my skills by getting educated at an art academy, and here I am, in the middle of a pandemic, tyring to survive with my charcoal and eraser. Hand drawn. Analogue. Graduated as an illustrator, I'm more focused on creating animations now. Moving stories can move people.  
On one hand I love the realistic and natural representation that reflects reality like a mirror. For that I observe and absorb. On the other hand I’m boundlessly obsessed with dreams and the subconscious mind. Surrealism is an inspiration to me. I wonder how I can give shape to that what’s beyond reality. I’m looking for my own interpretation of the images I receive when I close my eyes.
Currently I'm working together with Stef Visjager, radiomaker from the collective Radiomakers Desmet. I'm making animation for the podcast "Of Lullabies & Nostalgia". I've been working together with CBK Rotterdam for multiple projects. And I'm also busy with autonomous animations to improve myself as an artist and inspire others.
Creative Writing, ArtEZ
Illustration, Willem de Kooning
+316 24500745
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