"Inverse Me", my graduation animation, made in 2019. Has won the Lucas Gassel stimuleringsprijs 2019 and was selected for the International Animation Festival Budapest 2019. It was also projected on the building of the Maritiem Museum during the Museumnacht. "No Balance without contrasts". In this hand drawn animation the abstract term “inverse” is being visualized. The main character tries to escape a black and white world but is trapped in a loop of tunnels. With every tunnel, she discovers a new rule of this unknown world.

This animation is a collaboration with Radiomakers Desmet. It's part of their podcast "Of Lullabies and Nostalgia". This is the trailer of episode 1: Vietnam.

One of the first animations I made: "My Trip Through America". For my internship at the art school, I wanted to travel to another country, get inspired by a different culture, meet people. I wanted to get out of my comfortzone. For three months I traveled along the eastcoast of the United States and created this animation (with a pack of paper, some pens and a portable scanner) while I was experiencing it. When I got back in the Netherlands, I only changed the audio (from mobile phone quality to high quality). This is the result

Because I love music, I made this animation with that as a starting point. I was always fascinated by African music and I saw a parable between that genre and hip hop. Both music types have rhythm as most important element and you can see this too in the dancing styles. This animation shows those similarities and that hip hop actually derives from African dance and music.

Start of  "Searching", a song from the band Cirrus Cloud.

Animationseries My Little Fears, episode "Dik" (Fat)

Animationseries My Little Fears, episode "Psychose"

Animationseries My Little Fears, episode "Bruggen" (Bridges)

This is an important animation for me. Not only because of the social topic, but also because this piece of work was for me a transition in making flat images to making a series of images that tell a story all together.

I was in America for a while and met a very talented and acknowledged illustrator Gregory Christi. He has got an art shop in Atlanta and he asked me to make a promotion video for it. This is the result. 

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